About Us

Top End Gaming is a multi-genre Comic, gaming, and hobby store that caters to many different fandoms. We strive to bring the biggest selection to our customers while simultaneously providing the best in terms of customer service and quality. We treat all of our customers like they are part of a giant family whose needs and wants are sought after as we continue to grow in their community and lives. Top End Gaming was opened with the customer always in mind, this originated from the fact that the owner was a customer first in the hobby community for 20 years and understands that its the customers who allow a store to grow and reach new heights in the hobby community. We believe in putting our customers first above all else and we make sure we take the time to always listen to the concerns and suggestions of our customers no matter how big or small the request may seem. We feel that by doing so we will always stay in tuned with not only our family, friends, and customers, but our community as a whole. We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come on by and check us out and feel free to help us grow because at Top End Gaming you’re the star!!!

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